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Make sure your donations go to a Boston-area family in need!

What We Do

Pinpoint Donation ensures that charities only receive goods they need so that donated goods do not go to waste. We give donors an easy way to see what Boston area charities need at that exact moment so they know their donations will go to a family in need in their community. Check out the chart below to find out what our partner charities generally accept. Join our Facebook group to get notifications of their immediate needs.

Boston area charities accepting donations of household goods.

Click on blue buttons at bottom for suburban charities.

Click on charity name to get more information

Why donate to local charities rather than big national charities?

Donation Boxes

It is estimated that 80-90% of the supplies that organizations receive do not go to an actual local person in need because charities often receive goods that they don’t have a need for at the time and they have no place to store it. Approximately 10-20% of donated goods are given to local people in need or sold in thrift stores to raise money for charities, 15% go to a landfill, 25% are shipped overseas to be sold in developing countries, and the rest are sold for scraps. This inefficient system leads to millions of items in landfills, negatively impacting the environment.


Our Facebook page allows Boston area charities to post exactly what they need  when they need it, so donors only donate what charities actually need. Donors can comment on the post of charities and send a photo before donating. We also have a summary chart of what local charities general accept with links to get more information.

Vist our Facebook page to see what our Partners Charities need right now:

Anjali Palepu-Salma Ibrahim-Pinpoint Don

Pinpoint Donation was started by Boston high school students Anjali Palepu and Salma Ibrahim, through Technovation Challenge, sponsored by Google to encourage girls to use technology to meet a need in their community. We learned that many small charities receive goods they don't need and can't store, and we instantly knew that we had to solve this problem through our interest in technology. After talking to many Boston area charities, we came up with a Facebook page as a solution because as teenagers ourselves, we know how powerful social media can be for connecting people with common interests quickly.

Pinpoint Donation Team

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Contact Pinpoint Donation

Are you a Boston area charity interested in getting more targeted donations? Have other ideas for joining with us? Get in touch with Pinpoint Donation to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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